Cape Cod Rail Trail and Yarmouth Trail

Cape Cod Rail Trail

Most would agree that the most popular of the bicycling trails on Cape Cod is the Cape Cod Rail Trail.

While a few portions of the Rail Trail are not especially splendid, it being, after all, a railroad grade, most sections are quite beautiful, and some are simply spectacular.

Cape Cod Rail Trail in South Dennis

Highlights of the Cape Cod Rail Trail include the famous cranberry bogs in Harwich, particulary beautiful in the fall, the sunny views at Long Pond and Seymour Pond, and the adjoining Salt Pond Bike Trail and Visitor Center in Eastham. In Brewster, the trail goes right to Nickerson State Park with its own bike trails, its campgrounds, picnic areas, ponds for swimming, and thousands of acres of woodlands.

Cape Cod Rail Trail in Brewster

During 2006-2007, reconstruction of the Rail Trail from Route 134 in Dennis to Welfleet vastly improved the already famous Cape Cod Rail Trail. Initially completed in 1983, the Cape Cod Rail Trail for more than 20 years extended from Route 134 in South Dennis to Lecount Hollow Road in South Wellfleet, running much of the length of Cape Cod in the mid-Cape and lower-Cape. Work will be completed in 2017 to extend the trail from Yarmouth to South Wellfleet, joining with the current Yarmouth Bike Trail that starts at the large parking area at Peter Homer Park on Townhouse Road in South Yarmouth.  When the work is complete, the trail will run from its new start in Yarmouth to South Wellfleet.  Additional parking will be at Station Avenue (exit 8) and Old Bass River Road in South Dennis. New pedestrian bridges will allow bicyclists to safely cross Station Avenue and Route 134 and a new bridge will eventually replace the railroad bridge over Bass River as well.

Gorgeous lake and cranberry bog views, woodlands, Nickerson State Park, and the National Park are right along the trail. Just a short distance off the trail are many places to eat, to shop, to swim, or just to enjoy the scenery of the Cape. The Cape Cod Rail Trail has become a "must-do" for bicyclists on the Cape.

Biking in Harwich

From Yarmouth to Wellfleet, there are things to see and do along the Rail Trail, from great views to quiet beaches to lots of food! In Harwich, gorgeous pond views invites us all to take a rest! And in Brewster, Nickerson State Park with its own bike trail system beckons us all for a short picnic or fresh water swim. Rock Harbor in Orleans, a busy port for traffic to Boston in the 1800's, offers an historical perspective as well as stunning views of Cape Cod Bay. It is just a short distance south of the trail in Orleans center. And of course, Orleans center itself is a great place to rest, shop, and dine. And not to be missed are the sights along the trail in Eastham and Wellfleet. Several beaches are accessible by short side routes from the Rail Trail. And of course, there are always the ice cream shops and country stores along the way.

Biking on the Rail Trail is generally quite easy, although be wary of the high volumes of bicycling traffic and of automobiles at the many cross roads. Because of this, stay with your children and be sure to walk, not ride, across main roads. Try not to be tempted to set distance records. Instead, use our guide and try to really stop to see some of the things along the Trail.