Chatham Bike Route and Old Colony Rail Trail

Chatham Beach Near Chatham Lighthouse

Chatham Bike Route

One of the most pleasant routes on the Cape is found at the elbow of the Cape, in Chatham. Though this route is not an off road path, and it runs along main roads, it is a fine ride, totalling about eight miles in length. 

There is a wealth of scenery to take in while visiting Chatham, and lots of shops to see in Chatham for those so inclined as well. There are some breathtaking views from the Chatham Light area, overlooking the breakers and the sandbars there; bathing is available at several beaches, and there are many restaurants and stores right in the center of town.

In a small area, Chatham offers a number of things to see, including Chatham's famous lighthouse, Coast Guard Station, and weather facility. You can also stop at the Chatham fish pier where commercial fishing can be seen closeup, and view the breathtaking sights along the shore of the treacherous Chatham bars. 

The bars have become famous because of the erosion that has happened there in recent years, threatening houses and toppling them into the sea; the storm tides are always changing this area, and it is always awesome to see Main Street in Chatham.

Chatham Bars Near Monomoy

Fishing Boats in Chatham

There are many beautiful sights right along the path of Chatham's well-planned route. including numerous ocean views. If you tire of biking, it is only a few hundred yards from parts of the trial to Chatham's renowned Main Street shops and restaurants. There are several parking areas along the route. While most of the bicycling is level, be particularly cautious along this route, as sightseers in automobiles or on bicycles may be distracted by the scenery themselves and may not be watching for you. 

An extension of the Rail Trail, now called the Old Colony Rail Trail, begun in 2004 and completed in 2006, brings bicyclists from Harwich to Chatham.  It runs from Harwich to Chatham center where you can directly connect to the Chatham route.